Certified Attachment-Focused Therapist
Attachment-Focused Professional

Contact the Institute's Director, Arthur Becker-Weidman, Ph.D., with questions regarding the Institute and to begin certification as a Certified Attachment-Focused Therapist at:

716 636 6243

Certification as an Attachment-Focused Therapist is for therapists who provide treatment to individuals, couples, and families. Certification is open to any practicing therapist who is authorized to practice within their jurisdiction.

This certification is intended to allow therapists to demonstrate the integration of principles and components of Attachment-Focused Therapy into their practice and work. Attachment-Focused Therapy is grounded in attachment theory, the neurobiology of interpersonal experience, and uses methods and principles from Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy.

The therapist is encouraged to integrate other methods and approaches into their work, all within the context of the guiding principles of Attachment-Focused Therapy. These principles include an emphasis on the intersubjective sharing of experience, the importance of relationship, an understanding of the phases of treatment, how this affects the relationship experience, and a general understanding of both the importance of and limitations of experience in psychotherapy.

Certification Steps

1. Application Process

a. The applicant must have completed the 48 hour Master Class training with a Certified Attachment-Focused Trainer. Other forms of training by others may be accepted upon submission of the credentials of the trainer, a detailed curriculum, and verification of completion of the other training.
b. Copy of your license or other documents indicating that you are authorized to practice in your jurisdiction.
c. Application fee - $104.
d. Copy of malpractice binder.
e. Signed Attestation Form.
f. If practicing in an agency, a letter from your supervisor approving your participation in the Institute's certification program.

2. Practicum

a. After your application is accepted and approved, you will begin the second step of the certification program, the Practicum.
b. A minimum of six DVD's or tapes will be reviewed, with written feedback provided by a Certified Attachment-Focused Consultant to the applicant after each session is reviewed. It is expected that the application will apply the feedback received in subsequent sessions. The fee for consultation is paid by the applicant.

Mail all materials to the:
Attachment-Focused Treatment Institute
Arthur Becker-Weidman, Ph.D.
5692 Ferncrest Court
Unit D
Clarence Center, NY 14032

NOTE: The Institute and ATTACh have begun a collaboration that will make it easier for clinicians to become a Certified Attachment-Focused Therapist. In addition, the application fee to begin the Practicum is waived. So, if you are a Registered Clinician with ATTACh and wish to begin the Practicum to become a Certified Attachment-Focused Consultant or Psychotherapist, all you need to do is email your request to Aweidman@gmail.com to begin the Practicum and then select your Consultant.